Are you still drenched in the issue of recovering from Google Algorithm Updates? Here is Google Panda and Penguin Recovery Guide that will help you in many factors.

Are you still wondering how to recover from the recent Google Algorithm Updates like the Penguin and Panda? Did you change your SEO plans, techniques, strategies or whatever? Did you already have plans on how to get back on track?

The Google Panda and Penguin Updates are those, which focus on the sites that keep unnecessary SEO techniques such as keyword stuffing, comment spamming, wrong article marketing, incorrect link building and many other things in order to achieve search engine rankings.

Following is the ideal Google Panda and Penguin Recovery Guide, which you can follow to recover after the updates:

Google Panda and Penguin Recovery Guide

Fix all the duplicate pages and content:

SEO Dubai strongly focuses on creating unique pages and content. Make sure that other than the main content, your URLs should not have any similar sessions IDs and URL versions. The best way you can fight against duplicated content and pages is by 301 redirection.

Avoid Excessive Use of Keywords:

Many SEO professionals and bloggers addressed the proper usage of keywords on the main body, URLs, header tags, hyperlinks and Meta tags in a very natural manner. Make sure you do not over optimize the elements. Use variations while putting keywords on-page. Do not add many tags as well.

Forget about Massive Link building – Focus on earning high-quality links:

Always keep in mind that the no-follow links are also valuable to get high ranks in search engines. Essentially, you should always look for link that provides quality. Make sure the link brings a good amount of traffic to you. That is the idea need! An ideal example in this case is a blog comment that has helpful and new suggestions.

Get More Social than Ever:

Make your website increase brand reputation by using different social media platforms. You can use Pinterest, LinkedIn, Google+, Twitter and Facebook.

This is mainly because social media is playing a huge role in giving out search engine rankings, creating benefits for those who use them as brand awareness and popularity increasing elements.