One of the most importance elements that cause success in the SEO market is the understanding of how to make SEO friendly web design.

Many people today believe that the idea of having SEO friendly designs means the set of senseless motives that people impose on SEO designers to manipulate the search engines. Proving this wrong, SEO is largely the implementation of the search engine needs and standards that target the best and the most suitable user experience. Web design Dubai also focuses on how to make SEO friendly web designs.

Web Design Guide

Following are the steps you must follow if you want to make SEO friendly and user-friendly web designs:

  1. Start by discussing the web development and designs with the project team. Your focus should remain on the feasibility of the web design and essential information that is important before making the website.
  2. Make relevant content that falls under different categories. Make sure you use descriptive menu that make it easier for the audience to hunt what they are looking for.
  3. In order to support navigation, make sure you have footer in the text links. Text links are useful for the search engines and users.
  4. Add breadcrumb navigation in order to keep accurate track of the audience’s location.
  5. Make each page a landing page. Provide all desire information.
  6. Like in web design Dubai, make sure that you place your logo, the navigation and your primary message above the main fold. This leads to best first impression.
  7. Never change templates of the website under every category. This makes navigation of website tedious for an average skilled user.
  8. Do not add horizontal scroll. It is difficult for most of the users.
  9. Make sure that the website is not time consuming loading. Google treats page-loading speed as one of the best ranking advantages.
  10. Get in touch with the Google Webmaster Guidelines and consider it.