Google Panda Update is an algorithm regarding search results that was released by Google in February 2011. This algorithm was introduced by Google to filter out all the needless web pages and poor quality content and management from top search results on Google. This was a necessary update from Google and was intended to give relevant websites more priority from websites containing mainly advertisements and scams. Several sites are hit for poor content on their website and they suffer the consequences by not being put up over search results.

Google Panda Updates

Google Panda Update itself receives several updates from Google, further enhancing the criteria of filtering out the websites with poor content and fixing any sort of crashes or bugs that were faced by other websites. This update uses artificial intelligence and is programmed in a very unique way. It analyses the quality of data, the traffic and the probability of people returning to the page after visiting it first. This was done by human testers before the development of this algorithm.

If your website has been hit, then there are also several measures that can be taken for recovery. There are certain Google and Panda Update recovery guides that can be followed. If you have faulty XML links or you have certain data that is accidentally copied as it is to a similar link then that should be fixed. If you have unnatural links on your websites or irrelevant advertisements than those should be removed at all cost if you want to avoid being hunted down by Panda and Penguin updates.

These updates have helped several other web pages and have seen a lot of increase in their traffic as well. You should follow guides at all cost if you want to be safe and want your website to flourish.